Can I use sm33 on my baby?

SM-33 contains no artificial colours and flavours. Ideal for teething infants and is also perfect for children and teenagers suffering the pain of sore gums due to braces.

What age can SM33 be used?

Do not use in infants under 6 months unless advised by a doctor.

What is SM33 Gel used for?

SM33 Gel is a soothing, antiseptic gel for the treatment of inflamed gums and mouth tissue SM33 Gel is a soothing, antiseptic gel for temporary pain relieving treatment of inflamed gums and mouth tissue, transient mouth ulcers, new dentures, abrasions & inflammation of the gums, palate and tongue.

How often can you use SM33?

Apply only to affected area every three hours.

Can 4 month old use Bonjela teething gel?

What can I do about it? There are two products in the bonjela range designed to treat teething pain and discomfort in babies. bonjela Teething Gel is for children over the age of 2 months and bonjela Junior Gel is suitable for children over 3 months, as well as adults and the elderly.

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What is Seda lotion?

Seda Lotion contains the local anaesthetic Lidocaine (Lignocaine) for the relief of pain associated with mouth ulcers, toothache and sore gums. It is suitable for adults and children and comes with cotton tips for easy application. For infant teething, Sedagel is recommended.

How do you use SM33 liquid?

Using a cotton wool bud, paint SM-33 freely and thoroughly on to the affected areas every 3 hours. Use a fresh bud for each application. If condition persists seek medical advice.

Is bonjela safe for babies?

How to use Bonjela safely in babies. Do not use Bonjela in babies less than 4 months old. In babies older than 4 months, follow the dosing instructions on the packaging or ask your pharmacist about how to use the gel correctly.

Which gel is best for mouth ulcer?

Orajel™ 3X Medicated For All Mouth Sores Gel provides instant relief from mouth sore pain including: canker sores, cold sores and gum irritation, as well as cheek bites and irritation from dentures or braces.

When do babies gums start hurting?

Teething generally occurs between 6 to 24 months of age. Symptoms of teething include irritability, tender and swollen gums, and the infant wanting to place objects or fingers into the mouth in an attempt to reduce discomfort. Fever, cough, diarrhea, and cold symptoms are not found when a child is teething.

What causes mouth ulcers Australia?

Mouth ulcers can be caused or triggered by: stress, anxiety or hormonal changes. any injury or damage to the mouth, such as from sharp teeth, dentures, or braces. a reaction to certain foods, drugs or toothpastes.

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Does bonjela expire?

How long does bonjela last? Do not use bonjela products after the expiry date which is stated on the carton and on the tube. The expiry date refers to the last day of that month. You should use bonjela Complete Plus within 6 months of opening.

Do babies get a rash on face when teething?

When a baby’s drool dries on their cheeks, neck, or chest it can irritate the skin and cause a rash that consists of red splotches and bumps and can also be foul-smelling. It is common for a teething rash to reappear more than once. In fact, they can occur at any time during teething and may continue into toddlerhood.

What can I give my 3 month old for teething?

Pediatrician-approved teething remedies

  • Wet cloth. Freeze a clean, wet cloth or rag, then give it to your baby to chew on. …
  • Cold food. Serve cold foods such as applesauce, yogurt, and refrigerated or frozen fruit (for babies who eat solid foods).
  • Teething biscuits. …
  • Teething rings and toys.

Can Somogel be used for infants?

Indications: Somogel gives fast relief from pain and soreness caused by mouth ulcers and other related ailments of the buccal cavity including gingivitis and glossitis. It is also useful in the treatment of teething problems in babies.