10 Things I’d Rather Do Than Take A Real Housewives Bus Tour

Posted on May 24 2016 - 1:14pm by Jackie

I read in yesterday’s paper that there’s a “Real Housewives of New York” bus tour you can take through Manhattan to check out all the hotspots from the show. Places like the restaurant where Luann made fun of Alex McCord’s shoes and the library where Jill Zarin walked out on a fashion show. RIVETING STUFF. And it’s only $49 per person.

And while I think that’s totally awesome, there are a few things I’d personally rather do when visiting NY City.

Here’s my list of 10 things I’d rather do when visiting New York City than take a Real Housewives bus tour:

  1. Use the bathroom at the Port Authority;
  2. Visit some Second Avenue bars on the Upper East Side so I can really feel my age;
  3. Walk around Times Square with a sign that says “I’m a great tipper”;
  4. Take my kids to Dylan’s Candy Shop but leave my wallet at home;
  5. Walk past the carriage horse drivers with a map and a fanny pack;
  6. Get on the West Side Highway at 3:00 on a summer Friday;
  7. Take in the smells of a taxi driver eating his lunch as he drives on a hot day;
  8. Walk the street checking restaurant letter grades and try the sushi at ones receiving C’s;
  9. Wait in line to see the Empire State building on a holiday weekend;
  10. Ride a packed subway when someone announces “I’m so sorry to bother everyone….”

So there you have it. And I hope that no “RHONY” fans are mad about this. I promise you I’m cool… Not all, like, totally uncool.

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